Flint Art Wall

The Flint Children Art Wall is a space for the children of Flint, who have been affected by the Flint Water Crisis, as well as for children around the world that have been moved by the crisis, to express their feelings and thoughts in one of the only ways that transcends language - art and drawing!

The idea for the Wall came into form when two 10 year-old boys from Brooklyn, NY, Simon and Indigo, collaborated on a piece, entitled "Let's Make a Better Life", that highlights how far and wide the Crisis has reached, and how it's impacted the hearts and minds of children in places vastly different from Flint, Michigan.

The Wall is intended to provide a platform for kids to express their hopes, fears, dreams, compassion and empathy for their neighbors, for strangers far away, and most importantly for themselves. The Wall also provides a space where the young boys and girls in Flint can go to feel the fellowship and love of other children.

Thousands of children in Flint have been damages and poisoned by contaminated water. Beyond the potential educational hurdles and economic impairments that lead poisoning creates in young children, one of the most difficult "damages" lead poisoned children suffer are feeling isolated and less than others.

We hope that the Flint Children Art Wall allows the children in Flint to express themselves to others, and allows children from other places to let the children in Flint know that they care. Children are often able to feel love and express love more easily than adults and we hope that the Wall offers children an opportunity to do this through artistic expression.

If you are a parent in Flint with a child suffering from the Flint Water Crisis, submit any work of art that your child has created that reflects his or her experiences about the Crisis or something that he or she wants the world to know. If you are a parent of a child living outside of Flint, send your child's artwork to us that expresses your child's thoughts and reflections on the Flint Water Crisis or a message he or she wants to communicate to the children in Flint. All artwork should be sent to the following email address: FlintWall@levylaw.com. Send the artwork as scanned image (for example, .pdf or .jpg). Please include the first name of the child, age of the child and place of residence of the child, so we can credit your child on the website and create a more personal feel between among the parents and children viewing the Wall.

All of the artwork is being posted on our www.lead123.com website which is devoted to helping children in Flint who have experienced lead poisoning and other damages resulting from the contaminated water.