Words from Nicole and Erica Marte

In this video testimonial, Nicole and Erica Marte share high praise for Levy Konigsberg. Our firm secured financial compensation for these clients after they were exposed to high levels of lead paint as children. It was an honor working with them, and we thank them for their kind words and for helping to educate others.
  • They won us a lot of money.
    Levy Konigsberg, in my opinion, is a great law firm. They took very well care of us and I believe that they cared very much about our case. They were great attorneys. We could call them at any point; they would always return our phone calls, if they couldn’t talk to us right then and there, answer any questions we ever had for them. The attorney that was with us from the beginning of the case stayed with us to the end of the case. They won us a lot of money. That’s a law firm you need – somebody who’s going to stand up for you and not for what’s easier for them.

    - Karen

  • Genuine compassion.
    My experience with Levy Konigsberg was nothing less than wonderful. I found everybody, without exception, from the person that answers the phone here to the assistants and people that I don’t really know what their position was to be nothing but helpful, compassionate. The attorneys that I worked with during the trial I found to be professional, but more than that their compassion was genuine, their concern was genuine. The results of the case in the trial I was just very pleased with.

    - Carolyn Benton

  • They fought very hard to win my case.
    As a client of Levy Konigsberg, I felt taken care of. I felt that they always put my best interests in the beginning of what was going on. They always told me what was happening; they kept me in the loop. They knew what they were talking about. They didn’t base things on emotion or fictitious facts. They had boxes and boxes of factual information. They fought very hard to win my case. I would recommend Levy Konigsberg and I have recommended them to other patients, because from the time I’ve met their lawyers, I found compassion and sympathy, and they gave me the promise that they would work for me and try their best and they did.

    - Bonnie Anderson

  • It was a great experience working with Levy Konigsberg.
    Lead poisoning made it harder for me to focus in school, to get work done, and to sit still and concentrate. That’s why I wasn’t able to finish school, because it was hard for me to face that and to be in the same class with my peers who made fun of me and made it harder for me to learn. That’s why I just dropped out. It was a great experience working with Levy Konigsberg. I enjoyed it. I am satisfied with the money that I received. And I will recommend it to anyone who is injured or has the same problem as me.

    - David Rodriguez

  • Treated me like a king!
    Working with LK has been a real pleasure. Everybody that I have spoken to has bent over backwards to do everything that I ask. The paralegals have just been wonderful. They have just treated me like I was a king, and I couldn’t ask anyone to be any better, and I couldn’t ask for a better settlement that I got. Working with LK has been a real pleasure.

    - Edward Ellis

  • Very proud to be associated with Levy Konigsberg.
    Because of all the efforts of my attorneys and my coming forward, the relator’s share in my case was approximately twenty one percent of the final settlement. I think that is in part directly due to my efforts, but also to the efforts of my very vigorous defense and vigorous pursuit for my attorney of the case. In this situation, the fact that we settled for millions and millions of dollars is obviously something that makes me very happy and very satisfied, but also the fact that the injustice was brought forward… I’m very proud to be a relator and I’m very proud to be associated with Levy Konigsberg.

    - Gabriel Feldman, M.D.

  • Knowledgeable guidance and representation.
    When I came to the firm about my potential case I had a lot of questions and I was nervous about coming forward. Your firm explained all of the steps involved in filing my case, took the time to update me as it progressed, prepared me for my meeting with NYS officials… Without your knowledgeable guidance and representation, I may not have been successful in bringing this situation to the government’s attention and achieving a just result. I would not hesitate to recommend Levy Konigsberg’s Qui Tam Department to anyone considering bringing a whistleblower action.

    - Steven Simon

  • They are good people who want to help you.
    I was lead poisoned while living in New York when I was 7 years old. I did badly in school. I found everything to be very difficult. Because of that, I didn’t want to go to school, so I used to cut classes. I feel satisfied working with LK. They helped me so much through all the years my case lasted. I am so thankful for everything they did for me. I am now in a more comfortable financial situation. I can now go out and buy myself the things I need, without worrying how I am going to do that. Because I am well aware that I am not capable of getting or keeping a job. To anyone who’s going through what I went through and is looking for help I would tell to call LK. They are good people who want to help you, and will do just that.

    - Edwin Jimenez

  • They did it, they won it, and we won. We won, we beat the bullies.
    We decided that we had to file a lawsuit. We knew that we would need the best. We would need someone that would be able to fight for us, be there with us, help us, take care of us. We found not only one person; we found a whole family that took care of us. At Levy Konigsberg it was amazing: they were strong, they were smart, they knew what they were saying, they knew what they were doing, and they did what had to be done. We’ve got justice… and picking Levy Konigsberg was the right thing, because they were there for us. They did it, they won it, and we won. We won, we beat the bullies.

    - Dolores

  • I had a great experience with my attorneys.
    I had a great experience with my attorneys. They always kept me informed, always called me on the phone or sent letters to let me know what was going on with the case. Because of my son’s condition, he does not have the same chances of succeeding in life as any normal kid, but thanks to the money LK got for my son, I know he will be taken care of. I would recommend any parents whose children have been diagnosed with lead poisoning to find good lawyers, like Levy Konigsberg.

    - Alexandra Colon

  • We went to trial they were incredibly prepared!
    I cannot say enough good things about Levy Konigsberg and the support and service that they provided our family during the time we used their firm in 2013/2014.

    My dad had been very sick and they were so amazing with checking up on him to see how he was doing. They also made house calls traveling from NYC 45 minutes away to NJ for appointments with my dad and mom.

    My whole family developed such a nice relationship with the attorneys and the firm while they were preparing for my father's case. They made sure we had support with his medical care and when my dad passed they were there for my mom and family 100%.

    When we went to trial they were incredibly prepared, and defended our family in this case with the outmost professionalism. We won the case and it was so nice to know that my mom and all the medical bills would be taken care of along with our whole family.

    It was so hard loosing my dad, he was the rock of the family but having such amazing attorneys and a firm that provided us world class impeccable service the entire time was so comforting.

    We are so grateful to have won our case and to have Levy Konisberg represent my dad and our family.

    - Eileen Carlucci

  • They fight for their clients!
    Levy Konigsberg handled a personal injury case for my father and his estate over three years ago. Even when my father was researching and selecting legal firms to represent his case, Levy Konigsberg clearly stood out, and came to the initial meeting already prepared not only with knowledge of my father's injury and condition, but also with deep knowledge and information about the defendants, his former employers. In all of the interactions I witnessed between my father and Levy Konigsberg, and in all the interactions that I have had with Levy Konigsberg since my father's passing, I have found their lawyers and staff to be incredibly honest, hard working, dedicated, and like they are fighting for their clients.
    Dave Thibodeau
  • Wow is all I can say.

    It has been a few years now but I needed to post this. My dad suffered so much from Mesothelioma. My brother looked into the law and our rights. Unfortunately he died also before anything was done. It was now MY job to pursue and I was turned down by two other lawyers. Levi Konigsberg was our next step. Wow is all I can say. This law firm was so great. Respectful of my mother and the loss of my dad. They went to work immediately with compassion and vigor.

    I would highly recommend this law firm for any problems you encounter. They are professional respectful and get things done. My dad died over 10 years ago and it's still hard to write about his suffering. Levy Konigsberg was there and helped our family. I will never forget their fantastic lawyers. Do not hesitate if you need a trustworthy law firm - I highly recommend them.

    - Carol N.

  • Their dedication to receive the highest results for their clients was amazing.
    Working with Levy Koningsberg LLP was a very positive experience. Their professionalism and curiosity was outstanding. I was a pleasure working with this firm. Their dedication to receive the highest results for their clients was amazing. Thank you again for all your help.

    - Emily DeRogatis

  • They have truly gone above and beyond.
    I have been beyond pleased how Levy Konigsberg is handling my matter. They answer my questions in a timely matter and when warranted, ease my worries and concerns. They have truly gone above and beyond to be sure I get the best outcome in my matter. I am so grateful that I have them on my side.

    - Anne Fahey

  • I put my Faith and Trust into Corey Stern!
    Selecting a Law firm to represent me was one of the biggest decisions I've had to make in my life. I put my Faith and Trust into Corey Stern, and he exceeded all my expectations.

    - Dennis McGowan

  • With this team on my side we came out on top.
    Levy Konigsberg and team are a group of men and women that give their all, down to the receptionist. I had a case that was almost unbeatable but with this team on my side we came out on top. They keep you up-to-date every step of the way and answer any and all questions you may have. If you just want a consultation give them a call you wont regret having them on your side.

    - Angie Garrido

  • Very happy with our settlement.
    My husband and I were VERY happy with our experience with this firm. They were always caring and really helped us go through this in a very hard time in our lives .We continue to be in touch with the main lawyer who handled our case. This tells me how much they really care and it wasn’t all about the money. With this being said we were very happy with our settlement. They did an outstanding job.

    - Lori Rosa

  • Professional, responsive and very good at their jobs.
    From the first visit to my home, to my last visit to the office to collect my settlement, I was very happy with the services provided by this firm. They are professional, very responsive and very good at their jobs. I highly recommend.

    - Lisa Ross

  • The best and brightest!
    I can't praise Levy Konigsberg enough for their exceptional handling of my father's case. From the very beginning, the attorneys and entire staff showed great compassion to my family, and they were extremely diligent in developing and filing my dad's claims. Rest assured, this firm's attorneys are the best and brightest! They never failed to keep us informed of all important developments in the case, and they always gave a realistic idea of when the matter would be resolved. I always felt that my dad was excellently represented, and that his case was in the best hands. My dad was always treated more like a family member, than a client. Our family will be forever grateful!

    - Paulette